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Two opposites brought together by tragedy–can they be stronger together?


Outspoken tattoo artist Daphne would do anything for her best friend Mina, including moving across the country to open a business with her. But when a burst pipe derails her living arrangements, she is forced to move in with her best friend’s hunky, uptight brother who she has not-so-secretly crushed on for years.


Straitlaced single dad to two teens, Colin is grieving the loss of his wife, and has little time to focus on anything outside of his daughters and his law practice. Content to watch life from the sidelines, he slowly finds himself being drawn to a certain colorful roommate who is desperate to find a Daddy of her own.


Surrounded by sassy teenagers, not-so-subtle friends, and more pairs of underwear than any one person should own, they’ll pave their own way, learning to trust that they’re worthy of love–flaws and all.

Etched Signed Paperback

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