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Silent Night.


That’s what I expect to find when I push open the door to the cabin my family rented for an extended holiday celebration. In fact, it’s the entire reason I showed up a few days early–knowing silence is the last thing I’ll get when my torturous step-sister arrives.


Holy Night.


For years I kept her at arm’s length–refusing to give into the wicked games and enigmatic glances she tossed my way. But now, it seems my tempting little sister’s mind has worked in much the same way as my own because I just stumbled upon her relaxing in the cabin’s outdoor jacuzzi naked as the day she was born–and she’s not alone.


And while my name might be Saint, I’ve never been a holy man.


Suddenly I know exactly what I want for Christmas this year.


All I want for Christmas…is two.

All I Want For Christmas Is Two is a FFM step-sibling romance intended for those who enjoy more spice than plot, forced proximity, and a smattering of Christmas innuendo that will surely have you securing your place on the naughty list.

All I Want For Christmas Is Two Signed Paperback

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