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What do you do when Friday’s one-night stand becomes Monday morning’s biggest regret?


When plus-size conditioning coach, Eleanor Bigsby, takes on the task of working with her father’s professional soccer team, the last thing she expects is to come face-to-face with the man whose house she crept out of after one night of mind-blowing passion.


Notorious playboy, Jensen West, is equally as known for his smooth moves on the soccer pitch as he is for his moves behind bedroom doors. When Eleanor reappears in his life, he’s determined to push her away by any means necessary.


But oil and water can only stay apart so long.


Testing the boundaries of work and play, the pair finds themselves battling workplace scandals, career aspirations, and even a jealous ex dead-set on tearing them apart.


There are more than the games being played on the field as Eleanor and Jensen redefine relationships, coming together to prove that when love is involved, nothing can get in the way.


Because after all, isn’t life just one big, beautiful game?

Beautiful Games Signed Paperback

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